Ammazzacaffe Play Fabrizio De Andre

Fri 17 Nov 2017

Music, YARN Storytelling Festival Bray 2018, Offsite Event

Join Ammazzacaffe as they celebrate YARN Italian style in the Caffé Letterario GattaNera. Fabrizio de André is widely acknowledged as the finest Italian lyricist and musician of the 20th century. His songs celebrated the marginal lives of prostitutes and gypsies and attacked the hypocrisies of the Catholic Church. Renowned for the quality of his lyrics and often considered a poet, he contributed greatly to the promotion of the languages of Italy, most notably Liqurian. With a contribution from the film clip by Wim Wenders, this unique event will be the perfect start to your weekend.
Venue: Caffe Letterario GattaNera (6, Albert Walk)

Friday 17 November at 6pm

Free Event

Booking advised: 01 2116861

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