Bray Jazz Festival 2017: Malin Wättring 4 (Sweden)

Sun 30 Apr 2017

Bray Jazz Festival 2017, Music

Venue: Mermaid Arts Centre @ 8pm

Malin Wättring is one of Sweden's emerging young saxophonists, a great jazz talent to emerge from a rich Scandinavian tradition.

She released Glöd, her critically acclaimed debut album and has been establishing a growing reputation as a major player in Nordic jazz.  Live, the Malin Wättring 4’s performance can run the gamut from fragile to incandescent, from menacing to tender and beautiful.

Wättring has a sympathetic foil in pianist Naoko Sakata, a virtuoso and award-winning pianist whose deep love of Nordic jazz brought her from her native Japan to Sweden, almost a decade ago.

The Wättring 4’s playing can be folkloric, introspective and hymn-like in character, but there can also be intense improvisational bursts, consistent with her other work as a member of Anna Hogberg’s visceral ‘Attack,’ and previously as a member of Mats Gustavsen’s explosive ‘Fire!’ orchestra.

"An amazing and mesmerizing album. It moves me and makes me want to listen again  immediately" – Lira

Malin Wättring (saxophone), Naoko Sakat (piano), Anna Lund (drums) and Donovan von Martens (bass).

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