Leonard Cohen’s Between Your Love and Mine

Sat 24 Jun 2017

Theatre, Music

This event is SOLD OUT. Last summer, writer John MacKenna began work on a requiem for theatre, in memory of young friends  and in honour of those who mourn them. The requiem was inspired, in particular, by Leonard Cohen's hope-filled lines: Behold the gates of mercy, in arbitrary space, and none of us deserving the cruelty or the grace, o solitude of longing where love has been confined,come healing of the body, come healing of the mind.

In late October 2016, just two weeks before his death, Leonard approved the final draft of Between Your Love and Mine.

Musical director for the requiem is Aisling Carter and it features the voices of Eric Butler, Katie Jacques and Shane Sullivan.

The band features Aisling Carter on keyboard, Lucy Deegan on cello, Annie-Rose Deegan on violin and David Deay on drums.

Spoken word is by Angela Keogh and John Mackenna, who also directs the requiem.

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€20 Full Price
€18 concession