Monster /Clock: A Play on Time

Wed 20 - 24 Feb

Theatre, Children

MONSTER/CLOCK is suitable for children (7+) and adults of all ages!

Meet Toby, the only boy in an animal world and an apprentice watchmaker, whose routine is blown apart by a raid on his workshop. Forced to flee the life he knew, Toby finds a vast fantasy world awaits him. But are there more hands at work than Toby suspected? Is he a pawn in the evil plots of his mysterious assailant?  Journeying to Tempora City, where his master is being held captive, Toby’s adventures are filled with strange characters, puppetry, shadow play, music and heaps of comedy.

“it never fails to captivate, zipping through spooky forests, vast oceans and tropical islands with ease… brisk, smart and immersive” The Irish Times




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Ticket Prices

€16 Full Price
€14 concession