My Son My Son by Veronica Dyas

Wed 30 May 2018


To live means to finesse the processes to which one is subjugated” - Bertolt Brecht, 1941

Following the recent success of HERE & NOW (i live here now) at THISISPOPBBABY's mini-festival Where We Live, Veronica Dyas presents her latest piece My Son My Son. Inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s learning play ‘The Mother’ this is a new play about THE MOTHER, through her story we witness her ‘working class community’. The intention is not to accentuate a binary, us and them. But we need to stop pretending that class isn’t a real thing. It is. Still.

Anyway. It’s about THE MOTHER. She’s a Mother because she tells us she is. Constantly. She has one son, hence the title. This won’t pass the Bechdel Test. That’s deliberate. All characters are female. Men only exist off stage, somewhere else, doing other things. Her best friend is Mary, they’ve been friends since they were 7. Mary is childless, but married. THE MOTHER’s never been married. She’s against it really. They’re strong, liberal working class women from the South Inner City. Up the Liberties! And a bit bet down by The Life when we meet them.  Set on MEATH STREET, we’re telling the story of THE MOTHER. Backwards. In 7 year intervals. Beginning with a visit to HAIRDRESSER, moving via GROTTO down to DOORWAY OF THE LARK INN landing outside LARKIN’S BUTCHERS* where 7 year old THE MOTHER stands inside her Mammy’s shopping trolley dodging umbrellas. She’s afraid of umbrellas.

An abundance of plot and narrative. Drama basically. There’s a lot of drama in our lives. That’s not what’s really important, but we’ll use that to get to what is. We want to connect. We need to. There’s a lot to do.

*recently sold and redeveloped as a Hickey’s Pharmacy. There’s 3 chemists within 3 minutes walk. That’s in the now, not in the past.


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