Peter Sheridan - Made in Dublin

Thu 16 Nov 2017

Theatre, YARN Storytelling Festival Bray 2018

Made In Dublin is the new one man show from writer, director and performer Peter Sheridan. Peter grew up in a family of seven, not far from the river Liffey on Dublin’s north docks.
Starting in the 1960s, Made In Dublin is his funny, warm and poignant account of a fabulous and heart-breaking childhood in a Dublin working-class family and how this led to a career experiencing every aspect of the Irish Theatre world. Through the journey of young Peter, it shows us an individual and a society on the cusp of profound change.

Peter tells the story of his life from childhood to his early teens through to adulthood. Along the way Peter grows up, explores his sexuality, finds love and has children, makes theatre, makes movies,  gains and loses friends and writes openly, honestly and movingly about his experiences.

Exploring the story of his life in the theatre it touches on so much more. An insightful work which touches the wider culture and politics of Ireland in 1960s and 1970s.  It is a wonderful evocation of Ireland through the prism of one man’s unique experience. The theatre, seen through Sheridan’s eyes, can do much more than entertain: it can itself be a vehicle of social change.

Praise for Peter’s Work:

‘Peter Sheridan writes at the crossroads where hilarity and heartbreak, tenderness and savagery meet.  The people who live there are often cruel, often magnificent, and always, always human.  He captures them perfectly.’  Roddy Doyle

‘a story so vivid, affecting and lingering that it almost feels like our own.’ IRISH TIMES

‘He’s funny, he’s self-deprecating, he’s street-wise, he’s naughty’  ‘pure theatre’ Emer O’Kelly, Sunday Independent

‘Dublin has rarely come to life as it does in Peter Sheridan’s memoir…….his prose is as rich as his characters, ordinary and fabulous, tragic and hilarious.’ Neil Jordan

‘Marvellously funny and loving stuff.’ Time Out

“Performed by a master” – No More Work Horse

“Treat yourself and go” – Red Curtain Review

‘It celebrates the idea of the family in all its chaotic wonder.’ Sunday Independent

Venue: Mermaid Arts Centre @ 8pm

Age suitability: Adults

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€16 Full Price
€14 concession