Poetry in the Park

Sun 12 Nov 2017

YARN Storytelling Festival Bray 2018, Offsite Event

Poetry in the Park is a local community event where people come together to read poems - either their own or a poem written by someone else that they would like to share.

The event takes place on the bandstand in the People's Park at 12pm on the 1st Sunday of each month whatever the weather and everyone is welcome, including children.

There is no pressure to read as listeners are most welcome.

In addition to the regular monthly meet-up on 5th, a second gathering will take place on Sunday 12 November as part of YARN Storytelling Festival Bray. Join us for some poems and perhaps a story or two from special Poetry in the Park YARN guest author and storyteller Liz Weir.

Admission is free

Venue: The Bandstand in the People's Park, Bray

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