Stolen - The Devil’s Violin

Fri 17 Nov 2017

Theatre, Music, YARN Storytelling Festival Bray 2018, Offsite Event

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Stolen - The Devil's Violin

No guards met him at the palace.
He made his way through a great pair of gates.
Through chambers that echoed with his footsteps.
He came to a hall thick with fog - was that a statue?
No, not a statue but the King himself.
The King of this country, as still and grey
as the stone his throne was made from.

Daniel Morden transports you to the Land of No Return, his storytelling served by the hypnotic string accompaniment of Sarah Moody and Oliver Wilson-Dickson. The ensemble will take you on an epic journey, through a dreamlike land where you will encounter a king turned to stone, an old woman living in the claw of a giant cockerel and a glass man filled with wasps. The essence of all cinema, theatre and literature is a gripping tale well told. By weaving traditional stories into an epic narrative the Devil’s Violin return us to that essence. This is a tale of lost loves, bravery, and above all else, hope.

“A scintillating combination of music, sound and story”
The Times

“You could hear a pin drop…like the air was all onstage with them. The music is divine.”
Bristol Old Vic

“We hear stories within stories, like Chinese boxes, laced with tears and laughter. The paradox is that these magical tales are really our humdrum lives, wrapped in imagination and mystery.”
Avril Silk

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Travelling to YARN from Wales for one event only, don't miss your chance to experience master storyteller and musicians at work.

Venue: Bray Town Hall (Upstairs)

Age Suitability: 10+

(Photo credit: Paul Michael Hughes)

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€12 Full Price
€10 concession