The Restoration of Hope

Fri 17 Nov 2017

Theatre, YARN Storytelling Festival Bray 2018

Hope Whyte is having a diabolical Christmas. In a Dublin office painted with mysterious, sinister symbols, she wakes up: has she been restored to life, or is her memory of being murdered a nightmare? And what is she to make of her self-declared mentor, Larry McGrath, and his insistence that she must honour the terms of a blood-chilling contract?

Like the acclaimed Temptress — which debuted at Mermaid — Philip St John’s new play is a darkly funny, atmospheric drama that explores lives lived in the perilous zone between this world and the next.  

Director: Matthew Ralli

A co-production by High Seas/Speckintime

Origonal Photo: Viktor Cibulka

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Ticket Prices

€16 Full Price
€14 concession