Tour of the Stained Glass Windows at Christ Church

Sat 18 Nov 2017

Talk, YARN Storytelling Festival Bray 2018, Offsite Event

Have you ever wondered about the story behind stained glass windows? Well here is your chance to join Sarah Greene as she brings us on a guided tour.

The seventeen windows in Christ Church Bray reflect the changing fashions in stained glass over seven decades: from the enamelled glass of Mayer of Munich and the pictorial style of Wailes and Co. in the 1860s to the ornate Celtic revival work of the A.E. Child studio in Dublin in the 1930s.  

Many of the windows are memorials to people connected with Bray.  Come to Christ Church to hear their stories and see for yourself the beauty of the windows, from the romantic style of Lavers & Barraud to the Celtic imagery of A.E. Child.

Sarah Greene is the assistant archivist in Christ Church, with a particular interest in the history of these stained glass windows.

Venue: Christ Church, Church Road, Bray @ 2pm

Age suitability: Adults

No booking necessary!

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