Wicklow Screendance Laboratory

02 March 2017

Wicklow Screendance Laboratory

This project is a week-long set of activities: a 5-day workshop for 12 participants (dancers and film makers) with a talk on 11th April in Dance House and a Symposium 12th April in Mermaid Arts Centre.  It will draw dancers, editors, composers, writers and film makers together to create an exploratory laboratory experience working within dance-and-film. 

The events are led by choreographer/film maker Dr Adrienne Brown, with invited guest artists Marisa M Hayes and Franck Boulègue of Video Screen Dance, (Bourgogne, France) who are experts in the field to run the week long workshop. 

7th to 12th April

5 day intensive training workshop for film and dancers artists with experts Marisa M Hayes and Franck Boulègue (12 selected participants)

11th April 2017

Free talk (reservations required) DANCE HOUSE – details will be available from 21st March on www.danceireland.ie

12th April 2017

Symposium in Mermaid Arts Centre, consisting of three events including the participants’ screenings and talks, Dr Adrienne Brown with guests in discussion and to close an evening screening of selected dance films from the open call – full details to be announced on 21st March




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