Cert: TBC


Chile, 1976. Pinochet’s military dictatorship has been in control for a few years. Carmen is an upper-middle class woman overseeing the renovation of her family’s beach house. When the family priest asks her to look after a badly wounded young man named Elias, she accepts. She quickly figures out Elias has been the victim of political violence. As the weeks pass, Carmen’s worldview starts to change-and she begins to suspect the authorities are watching her.

Chilean actress Manuela Martelli makes her directorial debut with this expertly-crafted character study. Martelli searingly explores a period of political and social turmoil, while also building a palpable sense of unease and paranoia. Aline Kuppenheim is brilliant as Carmen,a truly fascinating protagonist

‘The blend of character study, Hitchcockian intrigue and an excellent central performance… makes for a tensely involving tale’

Screen International