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Bangers and Crash Percussion Group

The Bangers and Crash Percussion Group is an Irish collective of percussionists that regularly collaborate and work together to perform in a wide range of projects.

Having a physics background can be a useful thing indeed if you are ace percussionist Alex Petcu. So the required sounds don't exist on conventional instruments? No problem, you just invent and build what you need. And that's what audiences can expect when he and fellow percussion adventurers Emma King and Brian Dungan take to the road with their kit bag of the usual suspects of the drum world, along with a fascinating array of metal, wood and string.

Three young and energetic virtuosos cook up a menu of new music (a pity Beethoven never wrote for marimba) which will tickle tastebuds and defy expectations. Their appetite for exploring rhythmic influences from around the world - Flamenco, Afro-Cuban, Javanese gamelan - is healthy, hearty and irrepressible. Audiences can expect a programme of 20th century works by composers including Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Thierry De Mey, as well as a new Music Network Commission from Alex Petcu. (Please note: no sausages will be harmed in the making of this programme).

Presented by Music Network
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