Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Harrison Ford excels as the world-weary detective Rick Deckard hunting down intelligent but mutinous, murderous replicants, escaped from off-world colonies. Rutger Hauer, Sean Young and Daryl Hannah, as replicants Roy Batty, Rachael and Pris, all give career-defining performances.

Graced with extraordinary sets, ground-breaking special effects, stunning costumes and photography, Blade Runner brilliantly evokes a dystopian vision of the future. Breathtaking city vistas, rain-drenched neon-lit streets and gloomy interiors combine with Vangelis’ sweeping, sensual score to conjure an oppressive futuristic Los Angeles, a dark and dehumanising landscape where the sun no longer shines.

Ten years after its original release, the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner was released in cinemas in 1992. Given complete artistic freedom to make The Final Cut in 2007, the 25th anniversary of the film’s opening, Ridley Scott created this final, definitive version, fully restored from the original negative.

Post-film discussion with Filmmaker and Head of the Film Department at BIFE Noel Mac Aoidh.

"My fist viewing of Blade Runner was on a small square television when I was 16. I immediately watched it a second time. It challenged my whole world. It asked huge questions about life and death, about identity and memory, and how these ideas make us all related. The lighting, the sets, the costumes, all linger in my mind to this day. It has influenced my work and I see it in the work of many other artists. Now, as a teacher, it is my mental Wikipedia. It has a little bit of everything, good and bad. It is my benchmark for quality and inspiration." - Noel Mac Aoidh

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