Cert: 16

Both Sides of the Blade

Radio presenter Sara and former rugby player Jean are a happily married couple. Jean has had a stint in prison and has a troubled relationship with his teenage son, but his relationship with Sara is as passionate as ever. That happy marriage is thrown into turmoil, however, when Francois – a figure from both their pasts – suddenly re-enters their lives. As Jean starts a new business with his old friend, Sara’s romantic feelings for Francois are reignited.

Acclaimed filmmaker Claire Denis (Let the Sunshine In, High Life) brings together two of France’s most accomplished performers – Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon – in Both Sides of the Blade, a searing and sensual relationship drama as confident in its quieter moments as it is in its intense emotional climaxes.

Director: Claire Denis

Cast: Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lindon, Grégorie Colin


Berlin International Film Festival, 2022

Dublin International Film Festival, 2022


Silver Bear for Best Director (Claire Denis) – Berlin International Film Festival, 2022

‘Acted at the highest pitch of sensual conviction’

The Guardian

‘Denis creates a contained backdraft of a film that’s as volatile and untamed as an inferno’


‘The intimate intensity here is almost painful to witness, thanks to Binoche and her magnetic co-stars’

The Hollywood Reporter

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