Cert: PG

Brian and Charles

Some friendships are built to last

Brian; a luckless inventor lives alone in a remote village in the countryside. Somewhat of an outcast, he spends his time creating things out of found objects. When he decides to build a robot for company, he takes on his most ambitious project yet; Charles, an artificially intelligent robot made from odds and ends, with a personality all of his own and a serious case of wander lust.

The two become best friends, but with Charles comes certain drama, propelling Brian to confront some issues including a local bully, and the woman he's always liked but never had the nerve to talk to.

Brian and Charles is a heart-warming, entertaining tale about friendship, family, finding love, and letting go.

Director: Jim Archer


Sundance Film Festival: London 2022

Sundance Film Festival 2022


Audience Favourite Award, Sundance Film Festival: London 2022

‘Brian and Charles … make for an irresistible two-step in a delightful tale of friendship and loneliness, dramatised and written in beats that make one think of Wallace & Gromit without the clay.’

★★★★ Tara Brady, The Irish Times

‘The performances by Brealey, Earl and Hayward are terrifically sweet and sincere, in sync with the film’s unaffected attitude of silly but serious. The magic that Brian and Charles taps into is handwrought and underplayed, with Archer letting the weird details cast a low-key glow’

Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

‘It’s a testament to the deftness and love with which Brian and Charles is made that its sweetness never becomes saccharine, and the eccentricity never feels forced. The result is a total delight – the surprise package of the year.’

Phil de Semlyen, Time Out

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