Cert: 12A


18th century France. Bologne, the illegitimate son of an African slave and a French plantation owner, rises to improbable heights in French society as a celebrated violinist-composer and fencer, becoming part of Marie-Antoinette's royal inner circle. However, Bologne falls out of favour with the Dauphine and her court when he tries to become head of the Paris Opera, and also gets embroiled in an ill-fated love affair with a married woman.

Produced by Irish company Element Pictures, and featuring a tour-de-force performance from Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Bologne, Chevalier throws the spotlight on a brilliant composer and violinist, who has been previously forgotten.

‘Chevalier retrieves an extraordinary Black life from historical obscurity and deems it biopic-worthy.’

★★★★ Ellen E. Jones, The Guardian

‘With a stunning turn by Harrison, Chevalier is the kind of dramatic biopic worth watching.’

★★★★ Mae Abdulbaki, Screen Rant
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