Deadly Cuts (Cert: 15A)

Piglinstown has a bit of a gang problem: The Buzzers are terrorising the community. Meanwhile, the council wants to ‘solve’ this problem by demolishing the shops - a row of retail units including the hair salon ‘Deadly Cuts’.

Here, young hairdressers STACEY, GEMMA and CHANTELLE, along with boss MICHELLE, gossip, glamorize, and serve as a friendly hub for locals. Stacey is driven to win upcoming hairdressing contest ‘Ahh Hair!’ so her Ma in Spain will see she’s good enough to go over and work with her there. Gemma and Chantelle are going along with it, but Michelle wants nothing to do with the competition. When Buzzers leader DEANO comes to the salon threatening Chantelle with a knife, a fight breaks out and Deano ends up with a scissors in his neck. The girls agree they can’t go to the Guards, and dispose of his body in the butcher’s next door. They then use his phone to trick the idiotic remaining gang members to leave Piglinstown. At the ‘Ahh, Hair!’ competition, the girls are up against Michelle’s old enemy from her hairdressing past PIPPA, now a posh salon owner.

The girls overcome her attempted sabotage and make it to the final, performing for hairdressing king, D’LOGAN DOYLE. Despite disruption from a gang member, the girls win Ahh, Hair! Nonetheless, Stacey’s Ma still doesn’t want her to come to Spain – but Michelle helps Stacey see that she already has the love she needs here. When their local politician reveals that in spite of their win, he’s going ahead with the demolition plan, one of the oldies stabs him with a knitting needle. Turns out the auld ones had resorted to murder themselves back in the day – though they need the girls’ help to get rid of a body in Piglinstown nowadays…!

Director - Rachel Carey

Cast - Angeline Ball, Ericka Roe, Lauren Larkin, Shauna Higgins, Aidan McArdle, Victoria Smurfit, Pauline McLynn

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