DigiCreators Camp

Welcome to a world of storytelling using technology!

During this 4 day Digi-Creators Camp children will get lots of hands-on experience making their own movies, podcasts and stop motion animations. Create stories, build worlds and tell them in different ways.

Createschool - This is a 4 day camp to create digital media content. Children will get to do a range of activities such as moviemaking, stop motion animation and podcasting.

VIDEO: They will learn how to generate ideas, tell a story & script a short film. How to film, create & edit footage on mobile devices, add credits & music and how to share & showcase their film.

PODCAST & MUSIC: They will learn how to generate ideas & script a short podcast, how to find & record their voice & other sounds, how to edit on mobile devices, add music & create a logo for their podcast. They will learn how to share and showcase their podcast.

STOP MOTION ANIMATION: Learn how to make characters move, build sets, and create simple effects using everyday items and LEGO mini-figures. Create their own short stop motion animation movie

The camp will include a range of resources that are designed to suit the needs of the children and will be age appropriate.

Suitable for ages 9-12 years

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Createschool was founded by Peter Baxter and has been successfully delivering workshops now for almost 20 years, encouraging students to collaborate, unleash their creative sides and discover hidden talents. From the early beginnings with Songschool, the Createschool team has grown and our varied passions and interests have led us to expand our workshop portfolio into a much broader range of creative and multimedia offerings, including stop motion animation, podcasting and moviemaking. Thereby offering a wide selection of workshops to choose from which can be tailored to individual school and venue needs.