Dinner 2050

Dinner 2050: The Future of Food in Ireland explores how Ireland will eat in 2050 - looking at issues such as how technology will change farming, food security, robot chefs, drone deliveries and sustainability in the food supply chain and is due to reach a large audience in 2024.

The documentary features key players in the food industry in Ireland including the following: 

JP McMahon - Michelin Star Chef, Food Historian and Author
Bryce Evans
- Food Historian , Author and Lecturer in Hope University Liverpool
Claire Mac Evilly
- CEO Airfield Estate Urban Farm, Dublin’s Sustainable Food Hub Dolores O’Riardan - Director of UCD's Institute of Food and Health
Cathy Curran
- Communications Officer with National Dairy Council
Gillian Westbrook
- CEO of Irish Organic Assoication
Lara Hanlon
- A Food Systems Strategist with Portion Colab
Mark O’Riardan
- Hivemind Beekeeping Group
Gerry Boland
- Animal rights Activist, Author and Founder of Animals Behind Closed Doors
Anke Klitzing
- Lecturer of Gastronomy at TU Dublin
Brian O’Toole
- Wildacres Nature Reserve, Redcross, Co. Wicklow
Stefan Griesbac
h - Gannet Fishmongers, Galway
Jennifer McConnell
- Former Director of Irish Seed Savers
Niall Sabongi
- Restaurateur and Owner of Sustainable Seafood Ireland
Sinead O’Brien
- Connemara Abalone Farm
Lynda Douglas
- Ballynerrin Free Range Eggs, Wicklow Town
Ed Hanbridge
- Hemp and Beef Farmer from C
Jim Callery
- Climate Action Officer, Wicklow County Council
Bobby Miller
- Farmer from Loais and Chairman of Irish Grain Growers
Tom Burgess
- Dairy farmer and Award Winning Cheese maker from Coolattin
Margaret Hoctor
- Lamb Farmer From Kilmullen Farm, Wicklow