Sing Along Social Presents

Diva Battle Tour

Britney vs Beyoncé

After an uproariously good time popping up in the woods at The Electric Picnic to celebrate this very theme, the Craic Mechanics at Sing Along Social have decided to take Britney and Beyoncé on a national tour of Ireland.

Which Diva makes you feel stronger? Which brings up those crazy in love feels? Do girls, in fact, run the world? Gather all your Single Ladies to put Love on Top and feel Lucky - especially if you're not a girl, not yet a woman.

The Sing Along Social, hosted by The Craic Mechanics, specialise in singing parties for people who can't sing. It's sort of like group karaoke but with no microphones or putting anyone on the spot. It's about singing at the top of your lungs to your favourite cheesy pop songs in the company of friends and strangers.

The Sing Along Social love celebrating strong women in pop, and we can't wait to wail and caterwaul along with these two icons.

What is Sing Along Social?

The Sing Along Social specialise in singing parties for people who can't sing. Hosted by The Craic Mechanics, they create a safe and gas space where friends and strangers gather together to sing their favourite cheesy pop songs. It’s sort of like group karaoke, or a chaotic singing party, but you don’t have to practice or know the words or even be able to sing. It’s just about singing along to your favourite songs in the company of friends and strangers.

Hosted by The Craic Mechanics, we have been popping up at parties, festivals and residencies in Ireland, the UK and beyond since 2015. You can find us at our regular pop ups in The Sugar Club in Dublin, or caterwauling alongside crowds at festivals including Body & Soul, All Together Now, Another Love Story, The Electric Picnic, Latitude in UK and Lollapalooza Berlin.

Our vibe is cheesy pop music and guilty pleasures, and we are guided by the holy trinity of Whitney, Mariah and Shania in pretty much everything we do. Some of our favourite songs to sing along to include I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Dancing Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, I Want It That Way, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), The Chain, Uptown Girl, Proud Mary, C’est La Vie, Man! I Feel Like A Woman!, Who Do You Think You Are, I’ve Had The Time Of My Life, and Put Em Under Pressure.