Bray Jazz Festival Presents:

Dowry (Denmark/Ireland)

VENUE: Calary Church, Roundwood - Tickets on the door

Dowry is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and songwriter whose music combines elements of experimental folk, ambient instrumental, contemporary classical, Irish traditional and country music to name a few.

The stage name of Éna Brennan, born in Brussels, Belgium to parents who are Danish and Irish, Dowry begins every set with a completely improvised violin piece using loops and pedals, before launching into a collection of melodies on either bass, guitar, violin or looped voice.

One of the most talked about acts in the Irish live scene and one of Hot Press magazine’s hot tips for 2019, Dowry has been slowly percolating and garnering devotees, either for her own work or for her collaborations with the many bands and projects she has worked with in her time in Dublin – from Bell X1 and Lisa Hannigan to the Téada Orchestra and New Dublin Voices.

‘Éna Brennan created one of the most arresting songs of 2018 in ‘In É’. And she’s only getting started’

Hot Press