"DUO RANAS" Argentine Tango Music Concert

Leandro Schnaider (bandoneón) and Pablo Schiaffino (piano) met over 20 years ago in the Mythical Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires. In 2007 they named themselves DUO RANAS and released their 1st CD (Ranas Dúo Porteño de Tango). This led to them touring in Europe and Southern Korea.

They have listened to and analysed the old recordings of the late great Tango orchestras of the early 20th century and distilled their music, inspired by this two CDs (“El Limonero Real” and “Júpiter”) were released. Their own compositions are also recorded on their fourth Album “Tata” including a first foray into Argentine folk music with an original Chacarera. The program includes compositions from Astor Piazzolla.

This is DUO RANAS second visit to Ireland, last year they played at Flor de Milonga in Bray Bowl. This year we felt that a wider audience should get to hear these two excellent musicians play.

Organised by Tango Classes Lucia & Gerry

Some helpful Tango terms:

Tango: Music originating from Buenos Aires and its surroundings from 1890 on.

Bandoneon: German concertina-like musical instrument made as a portable Organ which has become synonymous with the sound of Tango Music.

Chacarera: Traditional music for one of the many folk dances of Argentina

Piazzolla, Astor: World famous Argentine musician and composer

Porteño: A person who was born in the city of Buenos Aires

The organisers are Lucia Seva from Argentina and Gerard Roche from Bray, Ireland who are running weekly to Argentine Tango Classes in Bray since October 2021

With Sponsorship from the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Ireland