The Friends of BLB present

Every Kinda People - Bray Local Broadcasting

August 1979 and a new sound is heard across the airways of Bray town. This was the sound of a small radio station with a big heart. A radio service that would go on to inform and engage the town’s citizens and inspire hundreds to volunteer in its broadcasting adventures. BLB presented a kaleidoscope of programmes and was Ireland’s first community station ‘for the people, by the people. BLB would broadcast around-the-clock during Hurricane Charley, a storm that saw large parts of the town under water. It would even break records for the longest continuous talk by a presenter!

This full-length feature captures a nostalgic tale of a growing town and a pioneering sound in an era before mobile phones and the Internet. It is the story of a radio station proudly sounding like the townspeople themselves, which valued authenticity over slickness. Hear old ads for long-gone businesses and tales of what went on behind the scenes! Stories of endeavour and innovation, fun and adventure, this feature documentary is an important addition to Bray’s rich social and cultural history.


A High Wire Production. Directed by Mark Quinn, Co-produced by Mark Quinn and Pat Hannon

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