Culture Night

Extended Gallery Hours: 21 Selected Works

In celebration of Culture Night, we are extending the opening hours of our current exhibition. We'd love if you could join us.

Celebrating 21 years of Mermaid's Visual Art Programme, this group exhibition includes painting, sculpture, multimedia, printmaking and photography from over 80 artists. The work was selected through an Open Call earlier in 2023.

With works from:

Samuel Arnold Keane, Svenja Michelle Behle, Helen G Blake, Sahoko Blake, Joanne Boyle, Lily Boyle, Claire Buckley, Cathy Burke, Mary Butler, Fiona Byrne (1), Fiona Byrne (2), Olga Byrne, Susan Campbell, Tricia Carr, Judy Carroll Deeley, Emanuela Carvisiglia, An Gee Chan, Fiona Coffey, Neil Condron, Nadia Corridan, Caroline Creagh, Julie Cusack, Margaret Daly, Zoe Dillon, Julienne Dockery, Bernadette Doolan, Cathy Dorman, Alison Douglas, Rion Duffy Murphy, Olga Duka, Michael Durand, Aoife Dwyer, Bebhinn Eilish, Olga Evenden, Mary Fahy, Jack Fitzgerald, Sheila Flaherty, Pauline Flynn, Ursula Foley, John Foley, Noelle Gallagher, Margot Galvin, David Goldberg, Nasrin Golden, Aideen Griffin, Claire Halpin, Kevin Hamilton, Jacki Hanlon, James Hayes, 1iing Heaney, Maree Hensey, Fabienne Herbert, Aoife Herrity, Sylvia Hill, Elizabeth Hogan, Myra Jago, Paula Kearney, Danny Kelly, Laura Kelly, Ann Kennedy, Lynn Kennedy, James Kenny, Joanna Kidney, Anastasiia Kovtun, Oonagh Latchford, Barbara Lee, Megan Luddy O'Leary, Susan Madert, Linda Marshall, Irene McCabe, Banbha McCann, Shane McCormack, Emily McGardle, Lieselle McMahon, Denise McShannon, Ruth Medjber, Niall Meehan, Ciaran Meister, James Mellor, Susan Montgomery, Cecilia Moore, Marzieh Nazemzadeh, Sinead Ní Mhaonaigh, Padhraig Nolan, Brigid O'Brien, Cólin O'Connell + Michelle Doyle, Carmel O'Connor, Sorca O'Farrell, Eoin O'Malley, Daithi O'Manachain, Ciaran Patterson, Elizabeth Petcu, Yanny Petters, Adrienne Pope Fagan, Nicholas Robinson, Daniel Rodriguez Castro, Don Rorke, Colleen Roshenstock, Anna Maria Savage, Daniel Sexton, Clara Sheridan Bryson, Elinor Sherwood, Stephanie Sloan, Vincent Smith, Vauney Strahan, Jordan Taylor, Brian Teeling, Patrick Theobald, Rebekka Tomal, Laura Trueman, Miriam van Gelderen, Geraldine Verastegui Flores, Doru Viorel Ivan, Catherine Mary Ward, Ann Marie Webb, Dianne Whyte

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