Cert: 15A

Who We Love

The story of Lily, a girl with a secret, on the cusp of becoming a young woman. With her best friend, the fiercely loyal and flamboyant Simon, she navigates the treacherous waters of school life. When a misunderstanding with the beautiful and popular Violet leads to a vicious attack, Lily is faced with the greatest challenge of her young life. Exploring Dublin's vibrant and sometimes dark LGBTQ+ scene under the sharp eye of her reluctant mentor Oonagh, Lily experiences the highs and lows of coming out, swinging from self-acceptance to self-loathing in the face of vicious bigotry.Who We Love does not shy away from the harsher aspects of LGBTQ+ teen life while also celebrating its comradery and joy.

Festivals: Galway Film Fleadh 2021, Kerry Film Festival 2021

Awards: Winner - Festival Prize, Rising Talent Award, Katie McNeice: Kerry Film Festival 2021, Winner – Best Narrative, Graham Cantwell: Kerry Film Festival 2021

Director: Graham Cantwell

Cast: Clara Harte, Dean Quinn, Amy-Joyce Hastings

‘Unflinching scrutiny of the less upbeat elements of the gay coming of age narrative, together with sparky performances... elevates this teen/young adult-aimed drama above some of the less gutsy examples of the genre... the film forges its own path... Who We Love is tougher and angrier in its approach to the bigotry and cruelty which remains the first thing that many young people encounter when they venture out of the closet.’

Wendy Ide, Screen International