Hosted by Mermaid's TRANSFORM Associate Artist Elida Maiques

Fridayfest - Weekly Drawing Drop-In

Mermaid's TRANSFORM Associate artist Elida Maiques brings a new weekly drawing gathering to Mermaid Arts Centre, based on the ethos of Plutón Festival, the drawing practice she co-founded with her brother.

This is a fun, relaxed session, where everybody is welcome. It is not a class, but an opportunity to draw, chat or even write in a friendly environment.

There will be some art materials available, but feel free to bring your favourite pens and pencils. This session is ideal for those looking for a bit of relaxed art-making, those who have a drawing project and would welcome progressing in company, and those who say they cannot draw are the most welcome of all!

"My brother Alex and I first started the festival (under the name of our neighbourhood, Patraix) in 1999,” Elida explains. “We wanted to draw comics, but couldn't. So we gave ourselves a weekly deadline to produce anything, once a week. By the end of the year we had hundreds of comics by tens of people. We made them into a little book."

NB: Please note that artists younger that 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

* Location may vary within the venue.

About Elida Maiques

Elida Maiques is a visual artist with a strong line on comics. She has been self-publishing comics since 1999, and some of her work has received awards and distinctions. Originally from Valencia, Spain, she moved to Ireland in 2003. She is a member of the Stray Lines collective, and an associate of the Plutón Cultural Centre.

Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and books such as “Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow”, “Rírá”, “Polen” and “Courageous Mayhem”. Her work has been exhibited in museums and art centres like CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid (Spain), IVAM (Valencian Museum of Modern Art), Valencia (Spain) and othe

‘The drawing group at Bray’s Mermaid Arts Centre is something special. It mixes all sorts of people in Elida’s magic circle. You just let your hand wander over the paper and you are in for a relaxed, friendly and really astonishing one and a half hour.. Ending too soon each time. So therapeutic and a great place for sharing ideas and life experiences. Many thanks again to the Mermaid and to Elida for creating this unique space where beauty reigns.’

Isabella (Italian, from Paris, living now in Bray)