Drop In Installation

Friendly Piece: Installation by Crash Ensemble

Drop in to our auditorium space to experience this installation based on a piece by composer Andrew Hamilton.

This work explores friendliness and loving kindness, asking the question "can music be kind?"

Friendly Piece, an installation by Crash Ensemble, is based on a piece by composer Andrew Hamilton which explores friendliness and loving kindness, asking the
question, “can music be kind?” 

Commissioned in 2019 and written during Andrew’s time as composer in residence with Crash Ensemble, Andrew explores the ambiguous space in which music is performed. This recorded piece alludes to hovering between things, to evade being pinned down. It explores friendliness and kindness giving you a “tiny bit of joy or
even infuriating you” Everything belongs. 

Interweaving a live recording of Friendly Piece, recorded at Kilkenny Arts Festival in 2023, this installation created by visual collaborator Emma Martin with production by Rob Kearns is open to all ages.

Come experience Friendly Piece, which will be installed on the stage  Mermaid Arts Centre.

There's also a workshop with Andrew and some member's of Crash Ensemble on Thursday 22nd August from 6pm - 7.30pm - see full details here.