Masterclass Workshops & Evening Performance

**CANCELLED** Gerry O'Connor, Gilles le Bigot & Pat O'Connor

Gerry O Connor, Gilles le Bigot and Pat O' Connor are Irish Traditional Musicians from across the East Coast of Ireland and further afield bringing a blend of ancient traditions. All accomplished teachers, producers and stage performers in their own right with bands such as Planxty, Dedannan, La Lugh, Paddy Keenan and Fintan McManus to name but a few. Bringing Music to new and old generations across Ireland and Europe. Each drawing from a rich fountain of Music to bring a tuneful evening of melodies. The guitarist Gilles Le Bigot, is best known in Brittany as the co-founder of the groups Skolvan and Barzaz. Since the early 1980's his work as guitar-player and composer is characterized by the" open-tuning" style. After having collaborated on several major recordings in the 1990's such as " l'Héritage des Celtes " by Dan Ar Braz , " An Den Kozh Dall " by Barzaz, " Times are Changing " by Skolvan and" Azéliziza " by Le Bagad Kemper, Gilles decides to record his first solo album : Empreintes.

Masterclass Workshops

€40 (includes ticket to evening performance)

Guitar workshop with GILLES LE BIGOT

Duration: 11am to 1pm - Break - 2pm to 4pm

This workshop is above all an occasion for pleasure and relaxation– pleasure to come together to learn new songs and techniques, each at one’s own pace and level. My role is to best meet your expectations as you enter into my musical world, and to ensure that you leave with lots of new ideas to explore.

Fiddle workshop with GERRY O’CONNOR

Duration: 11am to 1pm - Break - 2pm to 4pm

I try to teach so that the fiddle player learns how to approach the learning of the instrument with a focus on making the bowing enhance the melodies learned. I will teach a small number of tunes, both popular and unusual, focusing on the bowing patterns inherent to, and specific to each tune learned. I will highlight and explain what I describe as “Typical Bowing Patterns in Irish Music specific to the playing of Dance music”

Whistle Workshop with PAT O'CONNOR

Duration: 11am to 1pm - Break - 2pm to 4pm

Pat is a musician with many feats under her belt. Being a 5th generation musician it is clear that Irish music is a big part of her heritage. She is constantly bringing the joy of music into the lives of not only a 6th generation of musicians but also new ones. This isn’t only localized to Ireland. When time permits (in between Fleadhanna Cheoil, Irish music festivals, and her classes) you will find her teaching and performing old traditional pieces and also works from her books and CDs across Europe. Pat's teaching experience is more than 25 years, and groups of 30 or more attending her lessons in Dublin are a regular occurrence. This class will be fun, relaxed and educational.

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