THISISPOPBABY presents Una Mullally’s


The darkest time of the year is upon us. Now it’s time to face the sun.
The winter solstice, grianstad (literally: sun stop), is once again gaining potency in Irish
Culture as an important marker of time, possibly the most important marker, as we are
compelled to connect with our ancestral land, language and light. While the earth begins its
bi-annual axial tilt, this time of letting go, where the dark night of the soul invites us to rest
and look inward, is also occurring at a cosmic moment of great solar energy.
At THISISPOPBABY, we are closing out our epic fifteenth anniversary year with Una
Mullally’s GRIANSTAD – an audio experience celebrating and marking the sunset of the
winter solstice on 21 December.

With a bespoke soundscape composed by Jane Arnison and Julie Fogarty, and original
music by MayKay, Ben Castle, and Adam Matthews, GRIANSTAD is a delicious audio ritual
treat from writer Una Mullally; a moment of connection, reflection and collective joy.
Join people across the island and the world with this warm, funny, surprising and moving
audio art work, for THISISPOPBABY’s final presentation of the year.

This is a free event, aged 12+ and registration is required. Enjoy with family, friends, or
alone, on speaker or headphones, at sunset on December 21st.

Created, written, and narrated by Una Mullally
Composition and sound design by Jane Arnison and Julie Fogarty
Solstice Song created and performed by Adam Matthews, Ben Castle, and May Kay
Mixed by Jane Arnison
Visual design by Niall Sweeney
Produced by Emily Brennan


Made possible by the Business to Arts/ Bank of Ireland Begin Together Fund.
Supported by Droichead Arts Centre, Hawks Well Theatre, glór and Mermaid Arts