Cert: CLUB

Happy as Lazzaro

In an isolated mountain community, overseer Marchesa has neglected to tell the villagers that sharecropping has in fact been made illegal - so they continue to work for almost nothing. Lazzaro is an innocent and kind teenager who’s always given some of the village’s most thankless tasks. After striking up an unlikely alliance with Marchesa’s son Tancredi, Lazzaro finds himself caught up in a fake kidnapping scheme that will ultimately send him on a journey through time itself...

In her follow up to The Wonders, Alice Rohrwacher has crafted a thoughtful, surprising magical-realist fable that’s quite unlike anything else. While deeply attuned to the issues facing modern Italy, Rohrwacher never forgets the characters at the centre of this strange but wonderful drama.

Language: Italian (English Subtitles)


  • Winner of Best Screenplay at Cannes Film Festival 2018

‘Rohrwacher has crafted a magic-realist fable that doubles as an origin myth for a modern Italy subsumed by corruption and decline. ’

The Guardian

‘a slow but bewitching burn that rewards viewers’ patience with humor and uncanny grace’


‘…..there is a genuine freshness and idiosyncrasy to her (Rohrwachers) work..’

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