Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre presents


An immersive aerial dance children’s show for young audiences and their families.

Meet Bláithín “she loves caterpillars, moths and butterflies”

Follow her on her adventurous journey with Uncle Rusty to find Pearl, the most extraordinary butterfly with the most exquisite colorful wings.

Learn all about two little caterpillars and their journey to fly as butterflies and moths.

Hatch is full of Fidget Feet’s unique blend of live music, comedy, theatre, contemporary dance and aerial dance. Hatch also weaves Irish language and dancing into this wonderful story.

This show creates a new world for young audiences, which is interactive and sensory friendly. It is beautifully crafted and exquisitely delivered, full of unexpected and colourful wonders, which invites children to understand the transformational cycles of life, to explore, interact and discover new things and facts about the world of caterpillars, moths and butterflies!

About the Company Fidget Feet are the leaders, creators, performers and trainers of aerial arts in Ireland.

We create, perform and promote indoor and outdoors aerial arts performances and teach people how to fly, we want to increase the aerial arts community in Ireland for everyone to enjoy and access. In 20 years, Fidget Feet have created, established and nurtured the aerial dance sector in Ireland and created international connections and collaborations.

In 2012 Fidget Feet started creating work for young audiences; Catch Me, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Cinder and Ellas, Strange Feathers and now in 2019 Hatch. Fidget Feet have created and toured over 30 shows, ranging from indoor, outdoor crane and vertical dance performances on iconic Irish landmarks, shows for young audiences, community development regionally, professional development through establishing Ireland’s first aerial dance festival and training centre.

These performances and opportunities take place throughout the country to make the art form accessible to all. We have achieved this through hard work, successful partnerships with venues, educational institutes, festivals and funding bodies such as Creative Europe.

*Please note that a Covid-19 Vaccination Cert is required to attend this performance.*