Chaos Factory Presents

Hotel Happiness

What would you do if you could escape your life for 24 hours? A chance to be alone and to truly be yourself in a place where time does not exist. No interruptions or distractions from the outside world.

In this new theatre piece Chaos Factory explore the transformative power of connection. In the fictional hotel Hotel Happiness, guests do not pay money, but instead must send a video application expressing their need and desire for this time alone, in hope of receiving a room for the night. Guests are promised solitude for 24 hours, but in an unexpected collision of two women in one another’s lives, when they are forced to spend their time in this hotel room together. Conversations form around themes of grief, the complexity of motherhood, relationships and the female body the productions examines the intimacy that can form between two strangers.

Chaos Factory is an experimental Dublin based theatre company led by Rachel Bergin, Venetia Bowe and Fionnuala Gygax.

The company was born out of a mutual interest and passion for work that is innovative, radical and physically led. We wanted to work collaboratively to devise ambitious contemporary work which pushed the boundaries of conventional narrative framework and theatrical form.

‘Our work is physically led, keeping the body at the centre of our exploration. We are dedicated to creating ambitious, multidisciplinary theatre that examines contemporary society. We experiment with theatrical form to find original ways of presenting material, creating theatre that is playful, strange and beautiful’

Created by Rachel Bergin, Venetia Bowe & Fionnuala Gygax

Creative Producer Rachel Bergin

Performed by Venetia Bowe & Fionnuala Gygax

Directed by Luke Casserly

Sound Design Denis Clohessy

Lighting Design Dara Hoban

Commissioned by Project Arts Centre, Supported by Mermaid Arts Centre, Dublin City Council and Fishamble’s New Play Clinic. Development supported by The Arts Council of Ireland.