Humans: A Robot Musical

The seventh best musical robot group in the world - well, they were fifth but it went to their heads - are making a NEW musical. It’s going to be performed to all robots everywhere and it’s going to explain what Humans are. Everything will be fine, they just need some answers.

Meanwhile 10 year old Jennifer Dempsey - MASSIVE robot fan - is on a mission of her own, one that might just change the course of robot-human relations forever!

This is a big-hearted - and funny! - story about loss, friendship and hope that features three humanoid robots, one quite robotic human and catchy original songs.

Booking through Box Office 01 272 4030

‘It was very funny. It was also sad. We loved the song Friendship Vacancy. We liked the dancing, the shaking their booty part and the girl trying to do the floss and the farting’

- Sarah, aged 10
Brought to you by playwright John McCarthy and Graffiti Theatre Company, who have been providing theatre for young audiences in Cork for almost 40 years. Produced in collaboration with The Everyman.