Named by RTÉ.ie as “one of ten fierce women defining Irish culture,” Inni-K’s plays Mermaid Arts Centre as part of her album launch tour with her band on 4 June 2022.

‘Iníon’ (‘Daughter’), Inni-K’s third album release, recorded in Dublin over 4 days in Nov ’21, sees the Dublin-based singer, songwriter immerse herself in her extensive background in sean-nós and traditional song. Together with her exceptionally skilled collaborators, from jazz to classical, Inni-K breathes exquisite beauty into these songs, creating for her audience a uniquely fresh experience in sean-nós song.

“The roots of this album reach deep. In my mind’s eye, I see myself, aged 11, at home, tracing my finger across a small dent in the front of the record player and listening to a Gael Linn record that Mam and Dad had, hearing the singing of Seosamh Ó hÉanaí. In that moment, I was transfixed. I became fascinated by sean-nós singing and, through the years since, have explored that compulsion alongside other musical curiosities and influences. Iníon is a circling back to my musical lineage to honour my first deep love of sean-nós song and what has been passed onto me. The same momentum carries me and this music forward, joyfully falling into step with fellow explorers of different musical genres, from jazz to classical, to imagine together and share new iterations of some of the songs I love most from our singing tradition.

I try to be a caring, attentive daughter of our rich song and music traditions, and also hope to be an innovative, curious and adventurous one!

These nine songs on ‘Iníon’, I deeply love. Some I’ve been singing since childhood & really feel a part of me. I wanted to dive in, explore and inhabit these songs as fully & creatively as I could, with the perspective & treatment I think I could only bring to them now at this stage in my musical journey & life. Working with musicians Matthew Berrill, Brian Walsh & Mary Barnecutt on the album and also with Caimin Gilmore on one of the tracks, was a musically mind-opening experience. They massively helped me bring my vision for these songs to life. The album making process, through some difficult and challenging covid times, was a joy and creatively really satisfying. We took the time to experiment and to find sonically, what could work for these songs that are traditionally unaccompanied. We didn’t shy away from experimentation! Some ideas worked straight off the bat, others needed more ‘finding’ time, which I’m pleased we gave them. I’m really proud of this album and look forward very much to sharing it and performing it live!”

Inni-K's music draws on her extensive background in folk and traditional Irish music, even as she ventures into new musical territories. Her original songwriting career (‘The Hare & the Line’ 2019 and ‘The King has Two Horse’s Ears’ 2015), combines ethereal vocals with deft musicianship, evocative lyrics and a unique approach to song-writing. She has also performed, toured and recorded with - traditional group including Cormac Begley, Liam Ó Maonlaí, Maitiú Ó Casaide & Peter O Toole. Having shared stages with such varied and renowned musicians as Malian kora master Toumani Diabaté, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Lisa O Neill, jazz drummer Jeff Ballard, Glen Hansard, Javier Mas (Leonard Cohen’s spanish guitarist), Wallis Bird, Efterklang, Tiny Ruins and many more, Inni-K is becoming a well-established presence in Irish music.

‘Iníon’ was produced with the assistance of The Arts Council of Ireland, through the Deis Recording and Publication Award.

A WORKSHOP will also take place at 2pm on the same day. This can be booked separately here.

‘This year’s The Hare & the Line reconfirms her status as one of Ireland’s most exciting artists.’

- The Irish Times 06.07.19

‘Inni-K is a force to watch. She is more than a singer, more than a musician and she is both in great measure.’

Liam Ó Maonlaí