Wicklow ScreenDance Laboratory Festival 2022

Invited Artists Platform

Wicklow ScreenDance Laboratory Festival 2022

Wicklow ScreenDance Laboratory festival 2022 returns for its finale: a Day-at-Mermaid. WSL is a yearly event that celebrates the art of Dance in all its forms: training, performance, screendance, discussion and craft with particular emphasis on film and live dance.

Invited Artists Platform 2.00 – 4.00 pm

Invited Artists Platform will be a chance to look in-depth at two of the foremost international screendance artists currently creating work. We are delighted to welcome Fu LE (FR) and Blas Payri (ES) to this Platform. Audience will have a chance to see how these artists have developed in their oeuvre and what practices inform their work. Fu LE has an interest in the ‘long shot’, having created vast and compelling pieces; Blas Payri is known for his use of music and post-production techniques as well as a fascination with a certain historical figure. This will be a live event in Mermaid, with virtual artists and works been shown on screen. Adrienne Brown will moderate the conversation with these two artists and a selection of their films will be shown. Interactive conversation/Q & A will feature in this session.

Martha Graham Dance Company On Film 7pm - 9.30pm

Day Ticket For Both WSL Events: €20/18. Buy a ticket to each event & discount will automatically apply at checkout.