Bray Jazz Festival 2023

Joel Frahm trio (USA)

Opening: Izumi Kimura & Cora Venus Lunny (Japan/Ireland)

Celebrated improvising duo Izumi Kimura (piano) and Cora Venus Lunny (violin/viola) are seasoned explorers of the less-visited uplands of improvisation, with the technical skills to follow where their

ears lead, and the patience and humility to allow the music to unfold organically. Their music veers from free improv to lyrical beauty, always with an empathy and mutual trust that makes even the most abstract passages riveting.


Joel Frahm is a modern icon of the tenor saxophone. An emotional projection and technical ability characterise his playing, which draws on the breadth of the American musical tradition including jazz, funk, rock and blues.

His work as a leader and his collaboration with the leading players of his generation including Brad Mehldau, Matt Wilson, Jane Monheit and Ari Hoenig have established him as among the most important and exciting players on the New York scene.

Childhood friend and long-time collaborator Brad Mehldau says: “When I think of Joel, I think of his sound on the tenor, big and generous, very warm and comfortable. One thing I always hear in Joel’s playing is an unapologetic emotional outpouring.”

On a short European Tour to promote his new album ‘The Bright Side’ with bassist Dan Loomis and drummer Ernesto Cervini, Frahm’s trio are a well oiled machine that, according to one review, sounded like they have lived together for the past ten years.

‘… a musician of world-class fluency and post-bop invention’

The Ottawa Citizen
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