Cert: 12A


1968: Having fallen on hard times, and desperate to re-establish herself, Judy Garland (an astounding Renée Zellweger) is left with no other choice than to accept a residency in London to perform a five-week, sold-out series of concerts.

Separated from her children, who are back in Los Angeles where her ex-husband is fighting her for custody, and heavily dependant on drugs and alcohol, she battles loneliness. She reflects on her life, specifically her childhood, which was irreparably damaged by studio chief Louis B Mayer.

Yet every night she still manages to dust herself off, welcome her fans and become “Judy Garland”, the star they all know and love.

‘Renée Zellweger is phenomenally good … the film captivates; it grabs you by the heart and demands adoration.’

★★★★ Wendy Ide, The Observer

‘It’s a wonderful performance, as rich and alluring as a length of golden brocade, but one with appropriately ragged edges.’

Stephanie Zacharek, Time Magazine
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