YARN Story Circle - Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil

Join us for a relaxed storytelling circle with guest teller, Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil.

Diarmuid will launch our monthly storytelling story circle and then open to the floor. No pressure to tell - listeners welcome!

At the Story Circle we are celebrating the oral traditional of storytelling and ask that contributions are not read.

Ages: Adults (14+)

The Yarn Story Circle will take place on the first Wednesday of the month (switched from the first Tuesday).

Venue: Upstairs in the Town Hall (enter by the door opposite the Credit Union)

Diarmuid O Drisceoil

Diarmuid Ó Drisceoil is a retired teacher, a writer, a storyteller, and TV personality. He grew up in a bilingual home speaking English and Irish, and enjoyed listening to stories from his family. He is the author of four books. Diarmuid likes to combine, mix and match stories to create entirely unique tales, often drawing from foreign material such as Italian folklore.