Karan Casey

Singing songs charged with a sense of social responsibility in a career spanning over 25 years, Karan Casey has released 11 albums as well as contributing to numerous other artists’ projects. She has toured extensively throughout the world, performing wit hher own bandas well as diverse collaborations. Founding member of FairPlé her Hieroglyphs That Tell the Tale album was released by Vertical Records in 2018. Her song “Down in the Glen” wasnominated for Best Original Folk Song at the RTE Folk Awards and she completed a PhD in2019. Her new album Nine Apples of Goldwill be released February 2023

‘Karan Casey’s latest album is revelatory. She’s always been a singer of songs that tell a story and show their muscle...This is a strikingly three- dimensional work that stands the test of intensive and repeated listening with ease. A vivid and dazzling snapshot of Casey invincible, at the height of her powers.’

Siobhán Long - Irish Times