Bray Jazz Festival 2023

Lars Danielsson's Liberetto Quartet (Sweden/France/UK)

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Sean Carpio’s latest inventive collaboration reconnects the Dublin-based drummer with American saxophonist/clarinetist Robert Stillman and Danish guitarist Anders Holst.

With guttural, long-note saxophone lines, ambient electronics and shattering guitar licks and primordial drums, Bog Bodies’ is the sound of three liberated improvisers exploring a vast and spreading sonic frontier.

Lars Danielsson's Liberetto Quartet (Sweden/France/UK)

Lars Danielsson’s Liberetto Quartet have produced a series of albums of near flawless beauty since they first assembled to record on Munich’s ACT label, just over a decade ago.

Although unescapably Scandinavian in their melodic sensibilities, Liberetto is something of an international ‘supergroup,’ featuring British guitarist John Parricelli and Martinique born piano virtuoso Gregory Privat, alongside former EST drummer Maghnus Ostrom and his Swedish counterpart, band leader and bassist, Danielsson.

The music is intimate yet expansive and rich with detail. Daniellson’s compositions are occasionally informed by his training in classical music, yet at times also draw their inspirations from Northern European folk melodies.

In Liberetto, Lars Daniellson has assembled an outstanding jazz ensemble. His own tightly focussed playing are complimented by Ostrom’s minimal percussive groove, which provide a platform for Privat’s fluid playing and guitarist Paricelli’s distinct phrasing.

‘…more evidence that the Nordic region acts as Europe’s jazz heart, pumping out quality and creativity ’

London Jazz News

‘Lars Danielsson's Libretto have staked-out a corner of jazz for themselves where calm, thoughtful, melodically based improvisation prevails. ’