Cert: 15A


Aquarium worker Abel is furious when he learns his mother Sylvie is marrying a recently paroled inmate named Michel. Abel is determined to protect his mother, and is deeply suspicious about his new stepfather. He ropes in his friend Clemence to help spy on the newly-released Michel. They discover Michel is indeed still involved in crime, but before long they become embroiled in his plan to pull off ‘one last heist’-a risky effort to steal a truckful of imported caviar.

Louis Garrel directs, co-writes and stars in this enjoyable French comedy-thriller. Consistently funny without ever undermining its dramatic core, this crime farce playfully toys with expectations through an abundance of amusing twists and surprisingly nuanced characters

‘A humanistic story wrapped in a fun, punchy exterior.’

The New York Times

‘Louis Garrel’s film, with its story of knotty love and escalating bouts of petty thievery, is his strongest to date.’

Slant Magazine
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