Mother of All The Behans

From the book by Brian Behan

Adapted & directed for the stage by Peter Sheridan

To mark the centenary of the birth of Brendan Behan, this new production of Mother of All the Behans is the story of his 'inspirational' mother Kathleen, a fascinating record of a remarkable life. Inspired by the songs and stories handed down through generations, this retelling is an entertaining journey through the social history of Dublin and the Behan family history.

‘I’m excited to announce today, on the centenary of our beloved Brendan Behan's birth, that I’ll be playing the role of his charismatic and magnificent mother Kathleen Behan in Peter Sheridan’s wonderful play Mother Of All The Behans. Kathleen’s historical songs, colourful stories and lust for life resonate with me deeply. She’s a true Dub full of wit, wisdom, knowledge and humour that I feel I know from every woman that raised me. I love to learn, I love a challenge and for my growth, both personally and as an artist, I feel it’s imperative to leave my comfort zone often and swim a little deeper each time. I’m terrified and thrilled by this project but I feel passionately about this play, this story, this period of our history and culture and most importantly this woman. ’

Imelda May