Mr Sands Youth Theatre Presents A Life Unpacked

“Who is it that can tell me who I am?” King Lear

An elderly man's possessions are packed into box after box. It's for the best. He can no longer stay in that big house by himself, can he? As his descendants slowly dismantle and squabble over his belongings, the old man walks through his home for the last time. Memories of his life are unearthed. Some he would rather forget forever and others he’ll do anything to keep. He tries to hold onto the fragmented pieces of his life, before they’re encased in cardboard and stuffed in some forgotten attic.

After their incredible performances of The Heights by Lisa McGee in National Theatre Connections 2023, Bray’s youth theatre returns to the stage with a dynamic and heartfelt play about memory; how it holds us together and at times pulls us to pieces.

This production is sponsored by Centra Vevay Road.

Mr Sands Youth Theatre is supported by the Arts Council, Wicklow Arts Office, and the KWETB, and is a proud affiliate of Youth Theatre Ireland.