Cert: PG

Mrs Harris Goes To Paris

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In 1957 London, Mrs. Ada Harris, (Lesley Manville) a widowed cleaning lady, becomes taken with one client's haute couture Dior dress. Inspired to buy her own, Ada starts to save her pennies to fulfil her dream. After suddenly receiving a back-dated war-widow's pension windfall, she travels to Paris to do so. She stumbles into a showing of Dior's 10th anniversary collection and is befriended by André, the Dior accountant, and Natasha, a Dior model. However, the Dior director, Claudine (Isabelle Huppert), resents Ada's intrusion into the exclusive world of haute couture and sets about sabotaging her attempts to buy her perfect dress.

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris is a charming, feel-good pure escape from reality from start to finish.


Anthony Fabian


Lesley manville and Isabelle Huppert.


Rome Film Festival 2022

Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2022

‘It may sound dismissive to call a film ‘nice’, but that’s exactly what this is. It’s beautifully produced, entirely uncynical niceness. If you’re after just a lovely time, come on in and put your feet up.’

Olly Richards, Empire Magazine

‘There’s such a lovely sweet - natured sense of fun in this Cinderella tale... Manville carries it off with absolute conviction: she plays Mrs Harris’s naivety with just the right lightness, her determination with the right edge of steel, and her inner grief at the long denied loss of her husband with the right seriousness and sadness.’

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

‘It’s rare to find movies that value the mere idea of beauty, and this one - directed by Anthony Fabian does so unapologetically.’

Stephanie Zacharek, TIME Magazine