Anna Newell Presents

My Smile Has Fallen Down - by Dan Leith

Where has Mr Hoppity the rabbit gone? Did he not want to be with his friends anymore? Did he run away? Has he been eaten by the Bed Monster?!

Gagglegoose thinks it might have something to do with Jelly Beans, Mrs Fox is very sure that the Bed Monster doesn’t exist, Mr Fox can’t get a word in and Grumble Skunk is just too cross about everything to be much help!

My Smile Has Fallen Down is a show for 5-7 year olds about mental health and the power of listening, of finding your voice and of keeping going.

It’s a story about Dan who can’t get out of bed and doesn’t know why. On his journey through his worries and out the other side are the soft toys that live with him on his bed who both help and hinder him. Helped by the toys, Dan faces his fears, conquers his lack of confidence and finds ways to cope with his anxieties. Together they defeat the fear of the Bed Monster and find hope in friendship and listening to each other.

Each show is for six children with accompanying adults.

Parents/Caregivers - For more Information on the show in advance of attending please see HERE

*Proof of full vaccination or else a recovery from COVID-19 certificate in the past 6 months is mandatory for patrons over the age of 18 to attend this performance. A valid form of ID is required to check certificates.*