National Drawing Day

Let's Celebrate Summer Workshop with Duffy Mooney-Sheppard

Since the beginning, humans have marked time and created stories by noticing the seasons and watching the stars. Before we had books, these ancient people all across the globe, left their mark and told their stories through stone carvings and cave paintings. In part one of this workshop, we will take inspiration from the symbols and patterns left to us by our ancestors at sites like Newgrange, the Chevreaux Caves and others to create our own large drawing to celebrate the summer. We will listen to music while you draw or paint with your favourite materials. In part two we will design something to bring the summer into your home or bed room - a vase to hold summer flowers.

Duffy is an artist & storymaker who specialises in creating work for and with young people. A recent graduate of the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, she has exhibited her work at home and abroad. In 2020, she devised and delivered a significant number of online workshops for families, schools and adults with The Ark, libraries & festivals nationwide. She is founder of Little Islands Art Club where she presents workshops and stories online from her art studio. She was awarded the Young People, Children and Education Arts Council Bursary and Literature Project Award to continue to develop and produce innovative artwork and stories for children in 2021. More info at

Materials needed for this workshop: paper (large A1 sheets or A4 and we will stick them together to make a large sheet to work on), a few sheets of A4 card, something to draw/paint with (recommend paint, oil pastel, ink and brush, chalk pastel), pritt stick/glue

National Drawing Day is initiated by the National Gallery of Ireland and is a nationwide event held in partnership with national, regional and local museums, libraries, cultural and arts centres.
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