National Drawing Day

#themovabledrawingsproject Family Workshop with Joanna Kidney (SOLD OUT)

Drawing is one of the oldest forms of human expression. It was used as a specialised form of communication in the cave and rock paintings of around 30,000 years ago, before the invention of written language. It is the simplest and most efficient means of communicating visual ideas and is fundamental to creating.

But what are the possibilities of drawing: can a line in space or marks in the sand or a movement be a drawing? What can be used as the tool or the surface to make a drawing? For National Drawing Day, #themovabledrawingsproject invites you to come and play with ideas of drawing. Create temporary drawings using small found objects to make compositions of marks, lines and shapes. Abstract, figurative, narrative - let the little objects lead you. Maybe you will see some things differently after.

#themovabledrawingsproject is an ongoing project by artist Joanna Kidney. It was born out of a lifetime love of drawing marks and lines and collecting found and leftover bits and pieces from her urban, rural and domestic environments. It is an invitation for others to play and explore what drawing can be.

Materials needed for this workshop:

1. A minimum of 20 small objects.

This collection of objects needs to have lots of variety- aim for roughly half natural and half man made, with a range of colours, shapes and textures. Gather fragments and leftovers, bits and pieces of things, so the objects are more like pure shapes, colours and textures rather than recognizable whole objects eg. a fragment of sea glass, a length of thread, a vegetable or fruit peeling, a blade of grass. Every object has a story, of its lifetime, formation, manufacturing, movement round the world or through the earth.

Have a look at the image for ideas. Collect and gather as you go in the week before the workshop from the garden, kitchen, shed, on the pavement, out for a walk in nature on the beach or the forest.

2. 8 sheets of plain white paper (A4 printer paper).

3. Drawing materials such as charcoal, pencil, colouring pencil, markers. Whatever you have at home.

4. A camera (a good phone camera will work well) per family.

National Drawing Day Participants Image
National Drawing Day is initiated by the National Gallery of Ireland and is a nationwide event held in partnership with national, regional and local museums, libraries, cultural and arts centres.
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