Bray Jazz Festival Presents:

No Tongues (France)

VENUE: Bray Town Hall

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‘No Tongues’ is a captivating musical exploration that finds its inspirations in the many and varied vocal traditions across the globe.

Whether it is Northern European songs about ploughing, remote tribal Indian burial hymns, Inuit wedding songs or Siberian psalmodies, ‘No Tongues’ celebrate these and other song cultures within the context of jazz improvisation. In concert, the result is a stylistic diversity in music that can be atmospheric, trance-like and oddly shamanic.

No Tongues perform with two double basses, trumpet, saxophone and other objects. Their shows, sometimes performed in mask, are captivating, both musical and visually.

The young quartet was recently chosen from over 100 performers to receive the prestigious Jazz Migration Award in France, for 2019.

Saxophones and bass clarinet: Matthieu Prual Double bass and objects: Ronan Courty Trumpet and objects: Alan Regardin Double bass: Ronan Prual

‘No Tongues is certainly one of the most ambitious projects of recent times’


‘A phenomenal virtuosity to the totality of the musical and noisy potential of their instruments’