Cert: 15A

Nothing Compares

The extraordinary early career of Sinéad O’Connor is covered in the fascinating documentary Nothing Compares. Focusing on the years 1987-1993, the film looks at her troubled upbringing, her first steps into music, the meteoric rise she enjoyed after the release of her legendary single Nothing Compares 2U, and the very public protests that put her in the crosshairs of a cruel tabloid media.

What emerges is a testament to a brilliant artist and impassioned activist, as well as an insight into a woman who had to navigate devastating personal trauma and intense public scrutiny. Director Kathryn Ferguson also elegantly examines contemporary Irish history through the prism of O’Connor’s life and career – all serving as a reminder of why O’Connor was one of Ireland’s most vital and enduring voices.

‘Nothing Compares’ stands as a vital testament to the bravery and significance of this preternaturally gifted, much maligned and embattled artist’

Daily Telegraph